Fully welded plate heat exchanger

Fully welded plate heat exchanger

Fully welded plate heat exchanger is a plate heat exchanger made of a series of corrugated metal plates welded by laser or argon arc welding. The plate group and the plate group are connected by welding with molding strips. Because there is no gasket seal, it has higher temperature and pressure resistance.


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Full welded plate heat exchanger

A full welded plate heat exchanger, it means that the heat-transfer plates are welded together with no need for an external gasket. Gasketed plate heat exchangers are suitable for many applications, but are limited in terms of temperature and pressure, coupled with the fact that there is always a risk of gasket failures and/or permeation. The same risks apply for semi-welded plate heat exchangers. 


Plate Materials:

Stainless Steel: 304L, 316L, 904L


Special Metals:

254SMO, Hastelloy 276, Titanium, Nickel200/201, etc.

Plate Thickness: 0.8mm-1.2mm


Design Parameters:

Design Pressure: Max 40bar

Design Temperature: -196° to 400°







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